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Winter has Arrived

November 11, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Well, much to some people's annoyance, winter appears to have arrived. A big blast of snow with colder temperatures hit us on the weekend, and now we'll start digging ourselves out.

Other than having to climb into cold vehicles and battle traffic getting to and from work, I really don't mind this changing of seasons. It gives us time away from the constant yard upkeep, and allows us the time to catch up on those things inside we've put off doing. Whether that be reading, fixing, tinkering, or just enjoying a great Scotch beside the fireplace, these next few months allows us that opportunity.

I'm going to do some of all of the above, and I'm going to spend some time going over photographs I've made throughout the year, looking for those that merit making it to this website. Some will need a bit of work, some may need a lot, but I hope to add quite a few more over the winter.

That doesn't mean the photo gear gets put away, just that a different focus will be incorporated - gone are the summer things to photograph, now it's snow, shadows and hopefully some beautiful frost covered trees.

So, take time to enjoy what you like to do over the winter, and if that includes taking a peak at my photos, please take a second to let me know which ones catch your eye. Have fun.


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